Identifying Storage Issues

Business Getting Disorganized? 2 Storage Solutions For You

If you have a business and everything is getting disorganized, this makes things difficult for you and your employees. Fortunately, there are many ways you can get everything organized. One of these ways is by storing your things properly. To assist you, below are two storage solutions you should consider so you can have a place for everything.

Storage Cabinets

You will find wood cabinets could work best in an office. When choosing this, choose a solid hardwood as this will offer you the most durability. Some common types of wood you will find are cherry, maple, oak, walnut, ash, and hickory. You can also choose the type of handles you want to use for cabinets that have drawers. For example, there are the standard pull handles, and there are handles that also have a built-in key if you need the things stored in the drawer to be protected or off limits to some people. Some drawers have flush mounted handles to give the drawer a clean look.

You can also find heavy duty storage cabinets if you have heavy, industrial items that you need to store. You can find these made solid steel that is generally either 12, 14 or 16 gauge. The higher the number the thicker the steel. Some cabinets come with a few shelves while others come with shelves, as well as pull out drawers. Look for heavy-duty cabinets that have adjustable shelving, as well as cabinets that you can lock. Many heavy duty storage cabinets also have wheels to make it easy for you to move, if needed.

Storage Containers

There are also a variety of storage containers you can purchase to store items in your business. What you choose depends on what you are storing. For example, archive boxes are used to store paper goods. They protect the paper from turning brittle and yellow over a long period, as well as prevent documents from fading due to sunlight.

There are transparent tubs that work well if you have small items. This not only allows you to find what you need much faster, but you can easily see if you get low on something that needs to be replaced.

Cardboard boxes with lids can also be used. If you choose this choose heavy duty cardboard. You can stack these boxes on top of each other to save space. Make sure you mark each box with a permanent marker or a label.

Contact a company that sells heavy duty storage cabinets and containers to learn much more so you can make the best-informed decision on what would work best for your company.