Identifying Storage Issues

Firearms And Moving – What You Need To Know

If you're planning a move and have a firearms collection, you're probably looking for information about how to go about moving all of your firearms while following the law. Here, you'll find some information that can help you safely and legally move your guns from one home to the next.

Local Laws

You will have to inquire about local laws regarding transporting firearms. Contact the courthouse in your area and in the area in which you'll be moving. In most cases, it is legal for a professional moving service to transport your firearms, but they cannot transport the ammunition with them.

Company Policies

Once you've learned if there are any hoops to jump through pertaining to the local laws, you'll need to find a moving company that permits the transport of firearms. Some companies just do not do it—others will do it with some restrictions, and some will do it without any issue whatsoever.

When you contact the moving companies to learn their policies, make sure to ask about the ammunition as well—chances are, you'll have to transport the ammo yourself, but ask to be sure.

Pack Safely

All of your firearms must be cleaned and secured before packing them up for storage. If possible, include trigger locks on each just for some added protection.

Now to pack them up—the best thing to do is to put them each in a case of their own, but if that's not an option, get yourself some durable boxes that will fit the firearms and some towels.

Wrap each firearm in a towel. Wrap some tape around it to keep it secure, and then, slide it into a box. Remember that these boxes will have to be carried from place to place, so don't put too many into one box.

You want to label the boxes so that you know what's inside, and you want the movers to know what they're handling. These are not the boxes that you want handled even a little roughly.

Gun Safes

These things can be mighty heavy, so if you have one that you'll be taking with you, make sure to inquire about the maximum weight limits for the moving truck and the movers. You may have to pay an additional fee if the safe is large and extremely heavy.

Start making arrangements for the transport of your firearms today. A few phone calls and careful planning will go a long way in ensuring that everything arrives at the new home as it should.

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