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5 Times It Makes Sense To Tip Your Movers

If you are hiring a moving company to help you move, keep in mind that you do not have to tip the movers. Tipping is not required when you hire movers. However, tipping is a nice way to thank movers for a job well-done, and earning the occasional tip is a perk of the job and something that helps make the hard work worth it.

When it comes to tipping movers, there are some situations where it makes particular sense to tip the movers who assist with your move. Below are five different times where it makes sense to tip the movers.

#1 Movers Arrive on Time

If your movers show up to your house on time, and then are able to complete the move within the agreed upon time frame, that is a good reason to give them a tip. A moving job can be a lot of work, even for professional movers, and starting and ending a job on time, despite any obstacles that they may encounter, often requires hustle and hard work.

#2 Movers Finished the Job Early

If your movers not only showed up on time, but were able to finish the job early, that is another reason to give the movers a tip. In order to finish a moving job early, your movers had to hustle. If they managed to hustle and get the job done ahead of time, allowing you to start unpacking early, that is worth showing your appreciation for.

#3 Movers Had to Deal with Stairs

Dealing with stairs can be tricky, especially when it comes to moving furniture up and down stairs. Moving boxes just requires a little extra strength and planning up and down stairs, but moving furniture often requires being able to strategize. If the movers had to deal with stairs and furniture and managed to do so without damaging the furniture and walls, that is another good reason to tip the movers.

#4 Gave You Assistance with Packing Up

If you were not fully packed when the movers arrived, and they pitched in and gave you extra help above and beyond what they were required to provide, that deserves a tip. Technically, if you are not packed up when they get there, they only have to move what is packed, they don't have to help you. This is going above their job description and is putting a time crunch on the rest of their move for you.

#5 Nothing Was Damaged

It can be difficult to move and manage to keep everything safe. If your movers kept everything safe and took extra care with your items, that is another reason to tip your movers.

If your movers provided great customer service or did a really great job, reward them with a tip. A standard tip in the moving industry is 5 to 10 percent of the total moving costs. For example, if you paid $1,000 for your move, a standard tip would be $50 -$100 dollars. The tip would then be divided among the movers. If possible, provide a tip that can be evenly divided between the movers based on the currency you gave them.

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